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Android Q to Introduce Carrier Restrictions on Smartphones


Android Q is the next operating system from Google and it will come with lots of “goodies” such as a system-wide dark mode and a native screen recorder. However, recent reports are showing that Android Q is also going to introduce some bad things. The operating system’s Gerrit source code management has introduced four commits over the weekend and one of them is titled “Carrier restriction enhancements for Android Q”.

Android Q to Introduce Carrier Restrictions

Carriers don’t have that many restrictions that they can place on a smartphone other than directly to the SIM card. Well, it looks like that might change when Android Q releases because the latest addition to the operating system’s source code shows that carriers will have more power.

Android Q is going to designate a list of “allowed” and “excluded” carriers on specific smartphones to lock them to a single carrier. Not just that, but Android Q will also allow carriers to block virtual carrier networks that run on the same towers.

Will the Restrictions Make it to the Final Build?

The only hope that Android fans have right now is for the carrier restrictions to not make it in the final build of Android Q. Although, this is highly unlikely since the three source code commits have been merged into one which leads us to believe that they are here to stay.

On the bright side of things, Google is known for always listening to its fanbase and if these carrier restrictions are going to make people unhappy, Google is surely going to make some changes.

Final Words

Restrictions are never a good thing, especially ones that empower carriers who are not known for their generosity and for caring that much about what smartphone users feel like. Let’s hope that this doesn’t become a trend for Google.