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Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass Goes Live Today


Apex Legends shocked the gaming industry by getting more than 50 million players in only one month. No one believe that there could ever be a new Battle Royale that can dethrone Fortnite, but Apex Legends is really close to achieving this feat. Nonetheless, today Apex Legends has announced its first Battle Pass and to everyone’s surprise, it costs the same as Fortnite’s Battle Pass.

Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass

The Season 1 Battle Pass for Apex Legends costs 950 Apex Coins which converts to about $9.50. The Battle Pass will unlocks nearly all of the game’s characters including the highly anticipated Octane which is going to be released as part of Season 1’s Battle Pass.

In addition, the Battle Pass also introduces cool banners poses and skins for Mirage, Wraith and Mirage. Not only that, but Apex Legends fans who decide to spend 950 Apex Coins on the Battle Pass will also get access to more than 100 gun skins.

Rare Rewards

We should also mention for those who are unfamiliar with the Battle Pass system that it can be leveled up through experience points (XP). The XP is earned by playing the game and it levels up both the Battle Pass and the player overall profile.

The reason why Apex Legends fans should do their best to level up the Battle Pass to the max is because as they reach higher tiers, the rewards become rare and substantially better. The final reward for the Season 1 Battle Pass is a rare skin that changes the Havoc energy life which is the first weapon to be added in Apex Legends post-launch.

Final Words

From the looks of it, Fortnite finally has someone to fear. Apex Legends is a worthy competitor and its fun gameplay might eventually help it dethrone Fortnite and become the world’s most played online game.