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Apex Legends Tips and Tricks: How to Bunny Hop


Apex Legends has been out for more than a month and players are already finding new tricks that give them an advantage over their enemies. One of those tricks helps players speed up their melee attacks and as you can probably tell, being able to attack faster will prove to be quite useful in scenarios where you don’t find a gun in your first landing spot. Nonetheless, a new trick has been discovered and it allows players to bunny hop.

How to Bunny Hop

The bunny hop is one of the most useful tricks that players can master in any FPS games starting with CS:GO and ending with Battlefield. Now that Apex Legends has been one for more than one month, players have mastered the art of bunny hopping and this makes it significantly more difficult for their enemies to shoot them.

The first thing that players need to do in order to perform a bunny hop is to initiate into a slide right before jumping, and every time that the player hits the ground he needs to jump again as fast as possible. This is a little bit “tricky” at first and it takes some time to get used to. This is why we advise all players to head over to the training mode because practice makes perfect.

Additional Tips

Furthermore, console players need to make sure that they hold the crouch option and not toggle it because it makes the bunny hop impossible. In addition, PC players can also keybind the jump to another button that the spacebar such as the mouse wheel so that they don’t waste too much time timing the space bar with the landing.

Final Words

Despite launching last month, Apex Legends is already one of the world’s biggest games. Therefore, mastering tricks such as the bunny hop will give players a huge advantage over new players who have just started out.