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Apple AirPower Will Reportedly Launch Later This Month


The AirPower wireless charging pad made by Apple was announced back in 2017. Unfortunately, the device didn’t see the light of day and Apple has yet to confirm the official launch date for AirPower. Fortunately, a new leak from Apple’s supply line has confirmed that the wireless charging pad is going to arrive in late March.

AirPower to Arrive Late March

The first thing that we want to mention about the AirPower supply chain leak is that it was first reported on by the Taiwanese publication DigiTimes. An unnamed source who works in Apple’s supply chain has revealed a bunch of important information about AirPower including the fact that it will launch during the upcoming week.

“Lite-On Semiconductor, a maker of discrete and analog IC components, is expected to see its second-quarter revenues register a double-digit sequential growth as it will soon kick off volume shipments of GPP (glass passivated package) bridge rectifiers needed for Apple’s wireless charger AirPower, according to industry sources,” said the unnamed source.

Apple Wireless Charging Pad

We don’t know the reason why Apple kept the wireless charging pad hidden for nearly two years but luckily, Apple is finally ready to launch it. The expectations are high for AirPower and the device will be received with a warm welcome from Apple fans because right now they don’t have any other option than to purchase wireless charging pads from third-party accessory makers.

Powerful Features

Even though there isn’t that much information about AirPower’s features available on the web, we do know thanks to previous leaks that the accessory will be able to charge multiple devices at the same time. Therefore, the highly anticipated AirPower is going to be the perfect accessory for loyal Apple fans who use more than one iOS powered devices.

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