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Best Gmail CRM for Real Estate


One of the most essential business software nowadays is CRM software. It allows storing everything together: all prospects, customers’ information, record all the calls made by the business company. Moreover, this interactive system allows making calls automatically, sending emails, scheduling appointments, add some notes related to customers’ demands and needs, track email opens, all the clicks made by the customer, and successfully manage sales pipeline not even stepping out of the CRM software for real estate industry.  

Why do you need a CRM software for real estate?

Real estate companies always require a powerful software capable to cope with the immense amount of data and arrange everything into convenient databases for a number of reasons. According to real estate agents themselves, the functionality they appreciate about real estate CRM software mostly is an extensive amount of help relating collaboration with their partners. The system which stores everything in one place and enables to get the holistic view of clients and their preferences transparently organized into accessible sorted informational groups, clusters, and sections. With a system like that – viewing appointment, conversions, and all the website activities, as well as the increased mailing response, make real estate data processing a piece of cake. Statistically, many of clients who have been serviced timely thanks to CRM systems automativeness felt satisfied rather than disappointed by companies’ progressive attitude.

What are the CRM features you need for real estate?

Among the most important tools, a convenient CRM system for real estate business has to have is the available processed contact management platform. The relevant platform must offer powerful customization for categorizing people referring them to appropriate groups like agents, clients, competitors, and partners. Such platform also must give the functionality of classifying people into deeper subcategories of current and past clients, satisfied and those who had reasons to complain and so on. Such customization is provided by NetHunt CRM for real estate business. This Gmail-based CRM for real estate allows automatically and free send an unlimited number of notifications for clients subscribed for with Gmail.

As another really useful feature of real estate Gmail, CRM professionals consider its user-friendly interface gathering all real estate company’s employees into one close net, where communication goes with a snap of fingers.

The log of user actions as one of the CRM tools for real estate business also highly appreciated by directors when it is necessary to track the actions of companies’ employees.

Quickly database sending, copying and replacing – for real estate company is a miracle allowing to get started rapidly, download and purchase databases and successfully implement them in business. This is the opportunity to process information from different informational sources in a single format. The import process takes minor time, after which processing the information in a convenient format is nothing except delight.

Real estate CRM integration for Gmail made the process of organizing clients databases for real estate simpler than ever as Gmail is one of the most popular mailing services widely used around the world. That is why CRM systems based on Gmail for real estate agents make transactions deals with substantial purchases convenient. Communication with clients is no more a quest. Home-buying process nowadays ensures satisfaction both for a client and for an agent. Such a technological-based approach infiltrated into real estate industry saves time from both sides of deals and knits close relationship of trust between customers and companies offering them their services. Data collection and organization, brought by CRM systems strengthened real estate companies’ informational background making them able to take leading positions at the world market and set up the most convenient and desirable business propositions based on clients’ own wishes and preferences.