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Apple iPhone 15 Ultra: Concept Photos Reveal Rumored iPhone With Apple Watch Ultra Design Influences

Credit: Pexels

It has been speculated that Apple may release the iPhone 15 Ultra later on in this year with a titanium chassis to set it apart from the iPhone Pro and Pro Max versions that have come before it. These concept illustrations suggest what Apple’s next-generation flagship iPhone may look like if it were designed similarly to the Apple Watch Ultra.

There have been rumors going around for months that Apple is going to replace the ‘Pro Max’ iPhone with a ‘Ultra’ branded iPhone instead. This comes after the firm introduced the Watch Ultra rather than the Watch Pro the previous year. It is said that the iPhone 15 Ultra would include revolutionary buttons, a casing made of titanium, and a periscope telephoto camera, which will be the first of its kind for an iPhone. Although there have been a lot of rumors and leaks regarding the capabilities that the iPhone 15 Ultra will offer, not much is known about its appearance or how it will change from the iPhone Pro or iPhone Pro Max, assuming it will differ at all.

In the meanwhile, Jonas Daehnert has provided render pictures that show how the iPhone 15 Ultra may seem if Apple were to standardize its design for its Ultra family. As a result, Daehnert has envisioned the iPhone 15 Ultra to be a smartphone that is 12 millimeters thick and features a camera housing that is rather small. The concept photos also contain the Dynamic Island from the previous year, which is anticipated to be removed in the future to create room for all under-panel cameras.

In addition, the concept photos depict the iPhone 15 Ultra having the same profile as its wristwatch cousin, which includes a raised bezel around the perimeter of the device. Even though it is very doubtful that Apple would ever put a fourth physical button on an iPhone model, Daehnert has included orange accents in his design. However, it is more probable that future iPhones will be equipped with a USB Type-C connector, and it is anticipated that all iPhones that are sold in 2018 will make the transition from Lightning to USB Type-C connectivity.