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Twitter Will Take Back Its Recent API Modification, Offering Certain Users Free API Access

Credit: Unsplash

Things are continually changing at Twitter, and it now seems that the business is likely to roll back a recent API modification, which would make it possible for bots that produce good content to use Twitter for free. The decision to rescind it was made a week after the platform tweeted that it would begin charging for access to its application programming interface (API) beginning on February 9. Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, warned that the free API was being used in an abusive manner since there was neither a verification nor a payment connected with its usage. Later on, he would specify that the access fee would be $100 a month, and he would explain that this would reduce the number of scammers and opinion manipulators using bots on the website.

You can probably understand that the news was met with criticism, and Twitter went into a frenzy as a result, with various accounts posting their opinions on the modification. Many people decided to take the battle straight to Elon Musk by expressing their thoughts on how the situation may be handled more effectively and by offering potential remedies to the bot problem on Twitter. It seems that the users of Twitter have triumphed, as Elon Musk has said that he would be pulling back the latest API modification, which will allow bots to use Twitter without restriction. He said that bots who provide “good content” would be eligible for a free, lite version of Twitter’s API that allows just writing.

Despite the fact that Musk has revealed a number of alterations, nothing has been fixed in stone, and more information on the procedure has not been disclosed. It is difficult to speculate on how the verification process will work or what will be regarded as good content but we can keep our fingers crossed that we will hear more from the platform in the near future in order to get more insight into this matter.