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Apple is Going to Fully Embrace OLED Technology in 2020, Leaving LCD Behind


The WSJ is reporting that Apple is planning to completely drop LCD screens from its 2020 iPhone lineup. This comes as a surprise since Apple has been one of the few big tech companies who has been clinging to LCD technology despite its competition (Samsung and Google) already moving over to OLED technology for a couple of years now.

Nonetheless, this is a step in the right direction from Apple and as the WSJ puts it, the OLED screens will “enable a more flexible handset design”.

Apple is Redesigning the iPhone

If we take a look into Apple’s previous iPhone releases, we will see that Apple launches a spectacular design every couple of years. The latest one was iPhone X which innovated the smartphone industry with its full-screen and top-notch display. The 2018 and 2019 iPhone lineups will sport the same design, but Apple is going to be forced to change it in 2020 because Apple fans are going to get bored of it.

This is where the OLED technology is going to come in and allow Apple to make some never seen before changes. In addition, the change to OLED was to be expected since LCD screens require a standalone backlit component.

Touchless Control and Curved iPhone Screens

Bloomberg reports that in typical Apple fashion, the Cupertino based tech giant is planning to take the smartphone industry by storm in 2020 with an iPhone that is going to ship with a curved screen and touchless controls. The report from Bloomberg states that the OLED screens are going to make it possible for Apple to implement a new screen technology called microLED. This technology will let Apple fans control their iPhones only though gestures.

While this technology might sound exciting, we still have a couple of more years to wait for it to be released. Apple is surely developing it right now and since iPhones are still selling millions of units every year, Apple doesn’t have any reason to release it in 2019.