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Apple is Partnering with Verizon to Offer Free Apple Music


Verizon is one of the biggest network carries in the US and it announced today that is going to strengthen its bond with Apple. Verizon said that its users who pay for top-tier subscriptions will get access to free Apple Music.

Although, this doesn’t come as a surprise since Apple has been doing its best to keep the popularity of its services growing and in fact, many tech analysts believe that Apple wants to become a software company rather than a product one.

Apple is Partnering with Verizon

As previously mentioned, Apple is switching its focus to software instead of products. Apple is advertising its services such as Apple Music and AirPlay 2 at every chance it gets. Not just that, but Apple is also planning to release its own online video streaming service in 2019 that will rival the likes of Netflix and this makes it even more clear that Apple is investing more and more in software.

The Verizon data plans that offer free access to Apple Music are called “Beyond Unlimited” and “Above Unlimited”. Both plans are going to include free Apple Music starting tomorrow (January 17th).

“With Apple Music included in Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited, you can either stream your favorite songs over 4G LTE or WiFi, or download songs for offline playback. Apple Music subscribers can enjoy more than 50 million songs anytime, anywhere, across iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Mac, HomePod, CarPlay and PC, as well as Android devices — all ad-free,” said Verizon in its latest blog post.

Final Words

From the looks of it, Apple is making all the right moves. The Cupertino based tech giant wants to increase the subscriber number of its services and teaming up with Verizon in order to offer them for free is a great marketing decision.