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Apple Launches New iPhone 11 Video Ad


Apple has launched a new video ad for the next-gen iPhone which is scheduled to launch in September and the ad focuses on one thing only, privacy. Ever since the first iPhone was released, Apple made it clear that user privacy is one of the things that it cares about the most and truth be told, Apple has actually done a great job of making the iOS user experience safe. Apple even got in trouble with the law when it didn’t want to provide the FBI with a “master key” in order to unlock a suspect’s iPhone.

New iPhone Ad

The new ad is titled “Privacy on iPhone – Private Side” and it shows off just how much privacy matters to people. Apple express this with the following tagline “If privacy matters in your life, it should matter to the phone your life is on”.

Security Encryption

As previously noted, Apple is doing a great job of keeping the information of iPhone users safe. Apple’s encryption system is top-notch and people feel safe while sharing their private information on iPhones. On the other hand, we have to mention that Apple does have its fair of issues when it comes to security and the perfect example of this is the latest FaceTime bug which made it possible for third-parties to listen to conversations. Fortunately, Apple didn’t waste any time and it patched the bug as soon as it found out about it.

iPhone 11

In typical Apple fashion, the Cupertino based tech giant has yet to reveal any information about iPhone 11. However, the internet is buzzing with rumors and speculations about the next-gen iPhone. The most reoccurring and plausible rumor about iPhone 11 says that the device will support 5G technology. Let’s hope that this rumor proves to be true because 5G technology offers faster mobile data speeds and better network coverage.

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