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Apple Music Launches Dedicated Classical Music Streaming App

Credit: Apple

Apple Music now has a specialized streaming app for classical music called Apple Music Classical, which was recently released. Beginning on March 28, you’ll be able to download this app, which was developed specifically for iPhone users who are running iOS 15.4 or a later version. The app can be pre-ordered from the App Store for users to download. The iPad, Mac, Android, and Windows users will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on it.

If you already have an Apple Music subscription, there is no additional charge for downloading the Apple Music Classical app because it is included in your membership. However, in order to use Apple Music Classical, you will need to have an active Apple Music subscription. The application can only be used while connected to the internet; it does not support the downloading of tracks for use when the user is not connected to the internet.

Even if you have an active Apple Music subscription, you will not be able to access Apple Music Classical in the following countries: China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. In these countries, Apple Music Classical will be available everywhere else.

The app is organized in the same way as the standard Apple Music app, with four distinct sections: Listen Now, Browse, Library, and Search. The Listen Now tab provides you with personalized recommendations that are determined by your play history as well as your own preferences. The Browse tab provides you with access to 700 playlists that have been curated by the editors as well as recommendations, and the Library tab enables you to view and edit the tracks that you have bookmarked. The search is done in the tab labeled “Search.”

The Apple Music Classical app caters to both experienced listeners of classical music and those who are just beginning their exploration of this subgenre of music. It contains biographies of composers as well as context regarding their work, and the artist pages concentrate more on the composer’s most popular releases rather than their most recent works.

To summarize, Apple Music Classical is a wonderful addition to the lineup of subscription services that Apple offers. We are keeping our fingers crossed that Apple will eventually bring this app to the iPad and Mac.