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Apple Releases iPadOS 16.2: Behold the Patch Notes

Credit: Pixabay

Back in October, Apple released the bulky iPadOS 16 update, which changed the game a lot. Now, it’s time to check out what the fresh new iPadOS 16.2 update has to bring to the world, as it has just been released by the Cupertino-based tech giant for public use, according to NextPit.

The same publication brings the list of patch notes for the new iPadOS 16.2 update. There are some interesting features for those who want an extra amount of entertainment on their iPads.

We’re so happy to mention some of the most important patch notes of the new update, so feel free to take a look and make your notes:

The Apple Music Sing tool

Apple Music Sing is a new software tool available for free within the Apple Music app if you’re already a subscriber. Exactly as its name suggests, the tool allows users to put their singing qualities or flaws to the test in the good old karaoke style. There will be millions of songs to choose from, which is clearly more than enough for anybody who’s an artist under the shower!

Those who will take advantage of the Apple Music Sing tool can also use singing duets and lots of exciting features that the software app brings along. If you’re not an Apple Music subscriber already, now might be the best time ever to reconsider!

Apple Music Sing is also available for iPhones, as you’ve probably already guessed. We’re not sure already if it’s more comfortable to use the software tool from an iPhone or an iPad, but it can surely grant a lot of fun for the user!

The Freeform app

Freeform is another app that’s meant to bring out the huge talent or non-talent that exists in you! This app is for those who want to use canvas and drawings, as well as just take some notes. We’re pretty sure that anybody out there is interested in either one of such operations, which can only mean that the new Freeform app can’t possibly go unnoticed.

You can even benefit from the drag-and-drop functions of Freeform while you want it to collaborate with the Camera app of your iPad, for instance. There are plenty of possibilities that confirm the usefulness of Apple’s new app, whether you’re willing to use it from an iPhone or from an iPad.

Anti-Tracking AirTag

The new iPadOS 16.2 update brings the anti-tracking AirTag for those who prefer playing around with iPads. The feature was first available on iPhones, and it can allow the user to detect if unwanted Apple AirTags exist nearby.

Here’s an important quote coming from Apple itself:

“AirTag lets users keep track of personal items like their keys, wallet, purse, backpack, luggage, and more through the Find My app. Since AirTag’s launch last April, users have written in to share countless stories of AirTag being instrumental in reuniting them with the things they value. Thanks to AirTag and the Find My app, a customer who lost his wallet on the subway was able to track it down at a station across town. With the help of an AirTag placed inside a medical kit, a parent whose child lost critical medicine on the bus was later able to find it.”

If the new iPadOS 16.2 update hasn’t arrived on your iPad just yet, all you can do is keep the device connected to your WiFi network and try to be patient. A notification should prompt you to begin the installation process as soon as it becomes available. It should arrive any day now, although the rollout process might take a few weeks to reach everybody.