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Apple Removes Instagram Spying App From the App Store


There are many ways to keep track of everything that is happening on your Instagram account and one of the most effective ones is to download special apps that have been equipped with spying features. The most popular app that can do this is called Like Patrol and it automatically sends notifications to Instagram subscribers when a person that they are following leaves comments or likes photos.

Well, it seems like Apple doesn’t agree with this type of Instagram spying and the reason why we are saying that is because the Cupertino based tech giant has just removed Like Patrol from the App Store.

Apple Takes Measures Against Instagram Spying App

The first thing that we want to mention about Like Patrol is that Apple is not the only company that doesn’t agree with its practices. In fact, Instagram was the first one to send a cease-and-desist order to the developers who are in charge of Like Patrol.

This happened last month and the developers didn’t respect the order which is why Apple felt that it was time to step in. Apple didn’t waste any time and it removed Like Patrol from the App Store by citing that the Instagram spying app is violating the App Store’s guidelines.

Major Instagram Changes

The removal of Like Patrol from the App Store doesn’t come as a surprise to us because Instagram has been making major changes to its social media app during the past couple of months that are designed to make it difficult to “online stalk” somebody.

For example, Instagram has recently removed the “Following” tab from the activity feed. The tab was previously used to see what type of posts Instagram users liked and uploaded recently. Now, the activity feed has been modified to only show users who leave likes and comments that are directly uploaded by users.

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