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Apple Will Reportedly Begin Producing Its Own Micro-LED Panels In 2024

Credit: Pexels

Even though Apple just introduced the Apple Watch Ultra a few months ago, there are already whispers of a sequel. According to recent rumors, the next-gen Apple Watch Ultra 2 may be the first Apple device to use a micro-LED screen for its display, making it bigger than the current model. Although Apple has not confirmed the allegation, a recent Bloomberg article lends credence to the speculation. It claims that by late 2024, the Cupertino behemoth will be producing its own micro-LED panels for use in its most expensive Apple Watches.

Apple has been working on producing its own display for a long now in an attempt to lessen its dependence on other suppliers. At first reported in 2018, the company’s intentions to produce screens internally have now been confirmed. Bloomberg reports that Apple’s inability to launch the screens by 2020 is due to the high expense and technical difficulties of developing them. However, the business seems to have worked out all the kinks, and those familiar with its intentions believe that production of micro-LED screens may begin as soon as next year.

After the release of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 at the end of 2019, Apple may begin manufacturing its own screens in-house. According to insiders, Apple has begun testing the next-generation Apple Watch Ultra’s screen and is also evaluating production at its Santa Clara, California, headquarters. A further delay, though, might cause the corporation to postpone its plans by a whole year.

Apple’s new in-house micro-LED displays won’t be limited to the Apple Watch Ultra 2. Reportedly, the panels will be included on future iPhones, iPads, and Macs, although this certainly won’t happen until later on. We have contacted Apple for comment, and will update this piece accordingly whenever we hear back from them.