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As Early As 2025, Apple May Begin Offering Macs With Touchscreens

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

Throughout the course of the year, we are exposed to and hear a large number of rumors and leaks, and the vast majority of them simply sort of come and go without having any significant influence on customers or tech aficionados. The most recent rumor, on the other hand, is quite a bombshell, since it is alleged that Apple is experimenting with and actively working on Mac laptops that have touchscreens.

Despite the fact that, under normal circumstances, this isn’t all that strange of an idea, what makes it particularly interesting is the fact that, more than a decade ago, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs famously shared that the company explored the idea of touchscreen computing products and found that it wasn’t a great experience. This makes it particularly interesting because it’s particularly interesting that Jobs shared this information. Jobs went so far as to say that the design was awful from an ergonomic standpoint.

Naturally, a lot of progress has been made in touchscreen technology since then, which indicates that things have moved on quite a deal since then. Even while the hardware is an important consideration, it will be fascinating to see how Apple adapts macOS in order to manage touch interactions. It is not known what caused the abrupt move; however, it is possible that it was due to growing pressure from its rivals. The majority of Windows PC manufacturers already provide some form of touchscreen computing device as part of their product selection.

If a story by Bloomberg is to be believed, Apple may release a Mac with a touchscreen as early as the year 2025, with the new MacBook Pro serving as the first product to have this innovation. If that turns out to be the case, Apple may have a very comprehensive MacBook range by then, with a laptop with a 14-inch screen, one with a 16-inch screen, and a 15-inch model as well. It is possible that this product, if it is successfully developed by Apple and released to the public, will become a very significant factor in the marketplace. Having said all of that, I’m going to leave you with this video of Steve Jobs demonstrating why touchscreens on computers do not work. Perhaps in this day and age, along with updated information gleaned from market research, it might result in Apple releasing yet another product that is an unqualified commercial success.