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Apple’s iPhones Sales in 2019 Are Not Looking Too Good


A new report from Gartner is showing us that Apple has not been doing too well during this past couple of months in terms of sold iPhones. The report which you can check out here is revealing that a total of 367.9 million smartphones were sold to end-users during the second quarter of the year. This is 1.7% down in comparison with the first year and one of the most interesting things that the report shows is that high-end smartphones are selling much slower than mid-ranged ones.

The Apple Report

According to the data researchers at Gartner, Apple has sold a total of 38.52 million iPhones during the second quarter. This is 13.9% down in comparison with the 44.72 million iPhone units that Apple sold during last year’s second quarter.

Another interesting statistic that is being revealed by this report is that iPhones are now representing less than 50% of the Cupertino based tech giant’s total revenue. This is the first time that this happens since back in 2012.

The Samsung Report

Samsung is still the biggest and most successful smartphone manufacturer in the world with 75.11 million units sold in the second quarter. This shows a 19.3% increase and also that Apple is fighting “tooth and nail” to keep up with Samsung on the statistics list.

The Huawei Report

Even though Huawei has some big issues that it needs to deal with such as the fact that Google is no longer providing its Android operating system services to Huawei-made smartphones, the Chinese based tech giant is still doing great.

Huawei has sold a total of 58 million units in the second quarter which is 16.5% more than when compared to last year. From the looks of it, Huawei might eventually be able to overtake Samsung as the world’s biggest smartphone company.