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Are You Ready for the Windows 11 “Desktop Search Box”?

Credit: Unsplash.com

Microsoft plans to make it easier than ever to search for a specific item or topic from a computer. A new feature for Windows 11 aims to put a search bar directly on the desktop. In this way, users wouldn’t have to open a browser anymore to search for something they need information about.

The search bar is currently under the testing phase for the latest Windows 11 preview build, according to bleepingcomputer.com. Microsoft internally calls the feature the “Desktop Search Box.”

It only works with Microsoft Edge and Bing

As it usually happens in life, you can’t have them all, and it’s also available for the upcoming “Desktop Search Box.” The feature won’t care about what browser the user has set as default. It will only work with Microsoft’s Edge browser and the Bing search engine.

Even if Windows 11 gained some notoriety, perhaps the majority of people will still prefer to stick with Google’s search engine when the Desktop Search Box arrives for all users. For these individuals, it’s good to know that the possibility exists to disable the “Desktop Search Box” in a very simple way. All they need to do is right-click on the desktop, hit the “Show more options” option and uncheck the “Show search” option.

The guys from Tech Based show us how to enable and disable the feature, and you can watch their presentation if it’s somehow still not clear enough for you:

If you aren’t selected to give the new feature a try, you can use ViveTool to enable it manually.

We’re eagerly waiting to find out your own opinions on the topic! Would you be willing to use the new Desktop Search Box in Windows 11? Do you find it useful? Feel free to tell us in the comment section of this article!