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Covid-19 Upheaval Creates Office Issues For Apple

Credit: Unsplash.com

Covid-19 is causing yet another hiccup for Apple, this time in the form of product delivery delays, return-to-office plans, and retail masking. App Store developers were invited to the Cupertino campus in early April to witness the first keynote of the WWDC conference in June.

Things have taken on a new appearance as a result of this. Last week, the corporation put a halt to its office-return strategy due to an increase in instances. This week, Apple had planned for corporate employees to work from the office three days a week: Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Workers are being asked to turn up at least two days each week, but the company has decided to stay with its current strategy.

Increasing Covid cases, according to Apple, led to the move, which the firm informed its staff about. As a result, several workers wondered why they couldn’t acquire Covid if they worked only two days a week instead of three.

Apple is well aware of the ambiguity of its choice. The “option to work remotely” was mentioned to staff in case they felt “uncomfortable” reporting to the office amid the recent Covid surge, pending management clearance.

The return-to-work strategy for the foreseeable future seems to be continually shifting according to Covid circumstances. Employees may be even more irritated as a result.

Is remote work next?

With Apple’s growing reliance on remote workers, as well as some well-founded dissatisfaction with the current work environment, A formal change to remote work will be necessary at some time. Perhaps the new exemptions for working from home that workers are already receiving will serve as a starting point for this procedure.

Employees who quit a firm because they believe its standards are too strict or antiquated will cost the company a lot more money than if Apple didn’t spend that money in the first place.