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Battle Royale Gaming Tips for Android


Playing your favorite battle royal games on the go is easier than ever thanks to releases of pretty much any popular battle royal game for the Android OS. Even some that are console exclusive like Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Blackout and Apex Legends are available to play on Android using some tricks.

One of the great things about battle royal games is that they all typically have a similar style with only minor differences. PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds and Blackout play very similarly with gameplay focused on stealth and gunplay, while Fortnite has the gimmick of building fortresses and towers to hide in. Meanwhile, Apex Legends melds the hero shooter genre popularized by Overwatch with the battle royal genre. Here are some battle royal gaming tips for Android.

The first and probably most important tip is to spend some rounds memorizing a specific few locations on the map. Even if you lose those rounds, the main idea is that you memorize and master some of the locations on the map so that you never feel lost or vulnerable to ambushes. You should also memorize three to four chest spawns.

When first jumping onto the map, be careful where you land. While it can sometimes be advantageous to wait until the last minute to jump to a back edge of the map with few rivals, the best strategy in any battle royale game is to avoid large cities or popular themed areas where everyone will try to go. Instead, try to find small clusters of homes or buildings that can be easily looted by one person and won’t really draw a crowd.

All BR games tend to have opening and closing doors as a mechanic. You should be wary of this and also use it to your advantage. All doors are closed by default, meaning that if you come across a building where the doors are open, it’s obvious that someone was there, and may still be there. You should avoid these buildings as they have the advantage. Likewise, you should always close the doors behind you and avoid smashing through windows in games with that mechanic. This allows you to know when someone has entered your building and have a better chance of staging a successful ambush.

When looting, you can also stage an ambush by leaving behind loot as bait. Even with the doors closed,  a smart player will know someone is there by the fact that the loot is wiped out. Likewise, you should generally be sparring in the loot you pick up. Never grab ammo for guns you don’t have, and ditch any small arms such as semi-auto pistols and shotguns before the later stages of the round. Most of these weapons will be useless against the heavily armored opponents you’ll face in the late-game.

Lastly, when you are on the receiving end of an ambush, don’t panic and go prone or try to have a static gunfight. In Fortnite it’s best to just start building before anything else. For most other BR games you should move in zig-zag patterns to some sort of cover, preferably a building of some sort. You can prevent some of these ambushes from happening by always looking for high-ground to camp on, rather than just running through streets and ground paths.