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Motorola Razr V4 Foldable Smartphone Gets Leaked!


A couple of years ago rumor had it that Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone. The smartphone is called Galaxy F and it was revealed last month during the MWC (mobile world congress) event. While the foldable smartphone from Samsung might be impressive, what no one expected is that all other tech companies have been secretly working on their own foldable smartphones. Huawei and Xiaomi revealed their foldable smartphones days after Galaxy F was announced and even rumors of an Apple foldable iPhone appeared up on the web.

Introducing: Motorola Razr V4

From the looks of it, Motorola doesn’t want to be left behind. The reason why we are saying this is because brand-new leak reveals that Motorola’s upcoming Razr V4 is going to be a foldable smartphone that ships with a secondary screen.

This means that the secondary screen is not going to be visible when the smartphone’s main display. The secondary display will be located on the back when only the main screen is open and Motorola’s Razr V4 will look like a clamshell.

Secondary Screen

The feature that will make Motorola’s foldable smartphone special when compared to the likes of Galaxy F is the fact that it will feature a couple of quick commands that can be used on the secondary screen.

Therefore, the secondary screen will act as a trackpad which will make it easier for users to scroll through webpages. This is a cool feature and we believe that it’s going to give Razr V4 an edge over its competition.

Price Tag

The leaked picture of Razr V4’s patent was posted on the XDA Forum and according to the post, Motorola is looking to launch the smartphone during the upcoming months on Verizon with a starting price of $1,500.