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Best Picuki Alternatives to Try in 2022

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Pretty much everybody is scrolling through Instagram nowadays, and having a tool at your disposal that can edit those photos and even do it in a fun way is surely beneficial! That’s where Picuki comes into the social media scene, a little app that allows Insta users to play with their photos the way they need.

But what if, God forbid, something terrible happens, and Picuki will no longer be available? Luckily, the online realm is where everything seems possible and where it’s teeming with alternatives to Picuki! Let’s see a few of them:


If you’re earning money via Instagram, surely you have to give Instaxyz a try. This tool is even free to use, which is another huge advantage. You can also use it to see who is popular on the platform.


If you find a private Instagram profile and the stalker in you wants to see what’s cooking there, Watchinsta can definitely satisfy that cunning need of yours. This tool can also help you recover messages and files that were previously deleted.


With SmiHub, you can play the stalker’s role once again to see what your ex is up to, for instance. Of course, you can also use it for that basic Insta stuff, such as viewing images, videos, or stories.

4K Stogram

Surely you shouldn’t neglect 4K Stogram. This tool can be considered an Instagram Photo, a Video Viewer, as well as a Downloader that can be used for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can also use the tool for “undercover” story viewing.

Do you know any other alternatives to Picuki that you would like to share with us? The comment section is available, and we would love to read your opinion on the subject!