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How To Spot An Affair Before It Happens: 3 Types Of Cheaters

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It might be exhausting to maintain a relationship with a guy who is not forthright. Your love connection should bring you joy, not anxiety. When venturing into the dating world, everyone has certain expectations about the person they’re interested in. You want a guy who would treat you like a queen, treat you with respect, love you as he would his own, and listen to your worries. To what extent can you predict the fidelity of the person you’ve fallen for? Though there is no certain method, you may use the information at your disposal to get closer to the truth. The males who cheat fall into one of three categories:

There are three main categories of cheating males. Exactly what does it imply when someone is unfaithful? Being untruthful and unsupportive of another person is what we mean when we talk about infidelity. To completely understand the cunning of certain guys would be difficult, considering the ways in which they maneuver. Where do people usually have affairs?

  • Men who only want sex

It’s a warning sign if a guy can’t think about anything else except having sexual encounters. This guy will want to meet up with you, not to spend time with you, but to have sexual relations with you.

When sex is the only motivation for a relationship, the experience quickly loses its appeal. For what reason not do you go for a stroll today? Meet up for a meal or a hike? Is sex a prerequisite for a visit? A guy with sex addiction is a potentially devastating boyfriend.

  • Men who are overly friendly

This type of individual strives to be included in everyone’s social group. A cheater thinks like this. He has no bias and treats every friendship equally. Someone who treats you the same way he does his pals is not being honest with you about his motives. You should be treated differently as his partner. He can’t give you flowers if he also gives them to all of his other female friends.

He is quite popular with the ladies. While this isn’t always a red indicator, should you be looking for a guy who has a lot of close female friends? There is no harm in hanging out with people of the other sex. The issue arises, though, if he continues to get out with other women after he and you are dating.

If you do your research, you may discover that not all of your female friends are what they seem to be. It’s possible that there’s a romantic interlude taking place. Say kind things about everyone. It’s lovely to get praise. They lift your spirits and put you in a good mood. But it’s not good news if he’s the kind of guy who’s always showering you with praises.

  • Men who are secretive

What kind of men is prone to infidelity? Men who never provide specifics usually rank last. His motives are always a mystery. Where he works or hangs out is a secret he is not willing to share. His answers to your questions are vague, and you scarcely know his pals.

When you attempt to ask him about himself, he quickly changes the conversation. If you keep asking him about his loved ones, he may eventually get defensive and cut you off. You only know Mr. Vagueness and the little he tells you about himself.

He’s the kind to go to tremendous efforts to keep a secret, and he’s the type of person who would rather keep things hidden than face consequences. If you happen to be in the same room as him, he will never answer his phone. If you persist in probing him, he’ll become defensive and conceal the places he’s gone. It’s impossible to tell what this man’s intentions are.