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Shazam 13.35.0 APK Update Makes the App Faster and Better

Image by Ekaterina from Pixabay

If you often find yourself in the middle of a party where the music is loud and you’re desperate to find out the name of that cool song that’s playing, along with the artist responsible for it, it means that the chances are huge that you already have a good idea about the Shazam app. We’re talking about software capable of recognizing the song playing near you, along with the artist.

That’s right: Shazam will simply listen to the song for you and further impress you with its powerful knowledge and musical taste! Shazam is the reason why you’ll never leave a party without knowing the entire playlist of songs! Guess what? The developers responsible for it are improving the app even more, so feel free to read until the end!

Shazam 13.35.0 APK update is here

Shazam 13.35.0 APK update has already arrived, and you are free to grab it in a simple APK file. All you need is to make sure that your smartphone runs on at least Android 9 in order to be eligible for the update.

There aren’t any patch notes for the new update available, but the devs tell us that they’re constanly looking to “make the app faster and better than ever.” This can mean one thing: the new 13.35.0 update has made Shazam even a lot better than before, so feel free to grab it and check it out if you’re already using Shazam!

Here’s a relevant description of the app coming from the Google Play Store:

“We’re always working hard to make the app faster and better than ever. Update to the most recent version to enjoy the latest and greatest Shazam.

Don’t forget to keep your Shazams safe and in sync between your devices. Simply create an account and we’ll back up your Shazams so you’ll never lose them.”

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