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Call of Duty: Mobile – Garena 1.6.16 Update is Now Available with New Modes, Guns and Characters


If you love playing Call of Duty: Mobile, then we have some amazing news to share with you. The developers have released a brand-new update that changes the mobile game’s version number to 1.6.16 and introduces the much-anticipated Garena Mode. This is an exciting update for Call of Duty: Mobile and it will make the game more fun to play than ever. Without any further ado, let’s check out the patch notes.

Call of Duty: Mobile – Garena 1.6.16 Update

The first thing that we want to mention about Call of Duty: Mobile’s latest update is that it is rolling out via OTA (over the air) channels. As a result, all Call of Duty: Mobile fans who use Android-powered smartphones are eligible to access the update and all the improvements that it brings right away.

Moreover, the update weighs in at 88.75MB and it is targeting smartphones that are running on Android 9.0 Pie. Fortunately, this is not the only operating system that is required for the update. Call of Duty: Mobile fans can also install the update on a minimum of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

What’s New?

[NEW Gunsmith Feature in Multiplayer and Battle Royale]
Create your ultimate weapon with the new gunsmith feature first ever in any mobile game! Mix and match more than 50 attachments, try on more than 60 different camos and enjoy the 10 new loadouts. Equip with new addons such as stickers and charms to personalize your weapon. Experience weapon customization like never before! Your game, your style!

[NEW Battle Pass Season 9]
Our most sought out battle pass return for its’ 9th season! Enjoy not only 2 but 4 NEW epic characters all for the same value! 4 times the worth, 4 times the fun! Iconic characters and villians, Reznov, Nikto – Stronghold, Richtofen, Lev Kravchenko – Soviet Dragon, joins the battlefield. New marksman rifle, Kilo Bolt-Action, will also make its’ debut in both the free and premium battle pass!

[NEW Ranked Series 6]
All new ranked season is here! Grind your way up to claim exclusive ranked rewards and bragging rights! Unlock QQ9 – Eye Candy and new character Undead Warden to fight alongside you on the field!

[NEW Battle Royale Area]
Isolated Map receives an extension in this update! You will find 4 new areas to explore! Take a plunge down to Dormitory, Campground, Outpost and Radar Base for a chance to loot rare items!

[NEW Multiplayer Map]
Call of Duty®: Mobile – Garena takes you back to 1944 with the release of the iconic Shipment 1944 map from the COD series! This small map is almost entirely symmetrical in design and is known for close combat fights. Train your quick reflex and aiming skills on this battleground!

[NEW Featured Game Mode, Seasonal Events, and More!]
Play the new 10v10 mode on multiplayer maps, conquer your enemies and claim victory! This new update also brings you a whole set of new rewards and challenges that will keep you busy every day! Unlock free epic character from the monthly login, new lethal weapon Thermite, new character perk and more!