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Chess – Play and Learn 4.4.16-googleplay APK Brings New Features

Source: chess.com

If you want to play chess and get all the possible advantages of the beautiful game, you can simply rely on what chess.com has to offer. There, you’ll get to compete with many other chess players from all over the world, take advanced chess lessons, and a lot more.

Chess.com even offers its mobile app to Android and iOS users, and that software is the star of the show today. Chess – Play and Learn 4.4.16-googleplay APK is now available for download via APKMirror!

What’s new

Chess – Play and Learn 4.4.16-googleplay APK brings plenty of new stuff.

There are new ways to train now available, and that’s great news for anybody who’s looking to improve their chess skills. Chess is a fairly hard game, especially at the highest levels. That’s why practicing as much as possible is the key to learning to play better! The chess.com app was already doing a great job teaching chess to those willing to take lessons – they can learn everything from the basics to different ways of checkmating.

The new update also brings more fun to the Game Chat and users’ Profile area.

For those looking for a challenge, there’s an upgraded Daily Puzzle as well. You can go there and give it your best to prove your skills or to become even better than before!

There’s also an endgame trainer that you can play around with to learn better ways to checkmate your opponents in different scenarios.

If you’re still up for learning from better players, you can also not shy away from watching major tournaments via Events.

There are 4 download options available, and all of them are simple APK files. There’s no bundle, and you’ll need at least Android 8 installed on your phone to be able to download and install the new update.

Happy checkmating!