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Playing Stray With A PS5 Controller Is One Experience You Can’t Miss – Here’s Why

Credit: Annapurna Interactive

As gaming systems have become better, visuals have been more realistic, and technology has matured, one question has emerged as a popular barometer of realism.

Your character, an orange tabby, gets lost in a crumbling cybercity full of androids and has to find its way back home. The combination of rumble kinds, adjustable triggers, and sound design elevates the gaming experience to new heights via the haptic feedback.

The controller enhances the gaming experience

Meowing is possible at any moment by pressing the Circle button, with the sound emanating from both the controller and the home theater system if you have one.

You’ll find quiet nooks and crannies all across “Stray” to relax in and catch some Zs. Since you don’t have to worry about your character’s health or resting, these pauses are meant to let you relax and enjoy the view as the camera pulls back to provide a breathtaking panorama of the city.

You may pet an NPC by rubbing across their legs; even robots can’t resist a cuddly kitten. Purring activates vibrations in the controller.

Alternating pulls of the L2 and R2 triggers on a PlayStation controller may scrape surfaces including carpets, wooden doors, and upholstery. The adaptive triggers of the PS5 DualSense controller, which change the resistance of the rear buttons in reaction to gameplay, make it more difficult to push down on the controller during certain moments for a more realistic experience.

Scratching surfaces like mossy poles, couch arms, and carpets activates the adaptive triggers. To scratch, players alternate between pressing the left and right triggers, each of which requires a pleasing amount of force, and then give in with a little controller rumble as the cat claws away from the surface. Seeing these context-aware triggers put to such interesting use is exciting.