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Controversial Apple Patent Features An Electric Car With No Windows

Credit: Pexels

There have been rumors about an Apple car since last year. Even while we know that the corporation is working on an electric car, we haven’t heard about any particular features.

Based on the most current claims, the rumored electric vehicle is expected to include virtual reality capabilities. However, there’s a catch: the latest Apple patent doesn’t include any window panels.

As a computer company, Apple should integrate virtual reality into their automobiles. That virtual reality technology will continue to be used in the self-driving car, it seems that the vehicle will not advocate for the use of windows.

For many Apple fans, this rumor came as a shock. It’s strange to believe that future autos may be devoid of features we’re used to seeing.  It appears to be a dreary vehicle from the future. When you can’t see anything around you while using it, some people are put off by its futuristic aspect. Moreover, many others believe that such an innovation would not be needed.

The VR headset experience

According to the paper, a virtual reality headset would considerably improve the EV’s VR-based experience. The use of this specific device will certainly boost video discussions while on the road.

In addition, passengers may utilize this headpiece gadget to play games or listen to music while traveling.

Virtual reality headsets may be able to alleviate travel sickness induced by the absence of windows, according to a patent application.

It’s intriguing to see what Apple has in store for this car. Despite the fact that Apple has filed a patent for this claimed electric automobile, we still don’t know whether the company wants to manufacture it.

The long-term viability of a certain patent isn’t guaranteed, even if it has been granted. However, it can only be used as a springboard for further research and development.