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Custom, Luxe, Bespoke – Your Leather Jacket This Season By The Jacket Maker


Clothing with all of the pleasure and none of the remorse is a bliss. That’s why we opt for bespoke when it comes to getting something for a special occasion instead of ready-made options.

Be it a wedding gown, a suit or a simple shirt, if its’ tailor-made for you, chances are (surely) it would be better than off-the-rack options. This is the reason bespoke is costly.

For every apparel item, there are lots of options easily available for both ready-made and bespoke, EXCEPT for leather jackets!

What?? A leather jacket, an ultimate savior, the gloss and shine of most wardrobes and there are such limited good options out there if we want a custom leather jacket is truly absurd.

Add that to the high cost of bespoke, you are looking at least two grands tops for getting your perfect leather jacket, especially made for you.

In comes ‘The Jacket Maker’, an e-commerce startup which deals in custom leather jackets. It offers the best bespoke digital experience for leather jackets. It perfectly fuses both worlds of traditional bespoke and the latest tech.

The Jacket Maker also has one of the widest selection of ready-made leather jackets, especially for men’s leather jackets.

It may seem a far-fetched idea getting a bespoke leather jacket made over the internet.

How do they do it?

Due to the advancements in tech, it is possible to buy custom-made leather jackets online even if the maker or the bespoke guy is on the other side of the world.

The process starts with customers getting in touch with The Jacket Maker design consultants through custom request form on its website. Design consultants get back to them on their initial request.

At this stage, customers have all the say regarding the design, fabric, size, embroidery, fitting and all the other details that come with making a jacket. Basically, customers make their jackets from scratch according to their desires.

Afterward, customers are provided with digital illustrations of their designs. Based on their approval the production phase begins.

At the completion of jackets, customers are provided with snaps of the jackets donned by the models to check if everything is according to their expectation. If so, then the jackets are shipped for delivery. This saves the customers from the hassle of returns.

The Jackets must be expensive then?

Surprisingly not. In fact, its design consultancy is totally free and you only pay when you like the design. You can easily get your personalized jacket normally in less than a grand which is a very good price compared to others and keeping in view the luxe quality of the jacket and bespoke.

So, are you ready to get the best value for your money when shopping for a leather jacket which is custom-made for you or your loved one this season at the fraction of cost charged by other retailers?