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Dragon Ball Will Join PUBG Mobile in a Future Crossover

Source: Pixabay

If you enjoyed the Fortnite x Dragon Ball crossover that was recently introduced to the gaming world, the odds are great that you’ll rapidly become a fan of what PUBG Mobile has in store for the fans as well. The famous battle royale mobile game will also be featuring characters from the famous anime series, and how exactly it will do that is anybody’s guess.

What’s for sure is that Goku and the gang will once again have to rely less on their powerful energy waves and use those normal weapons more. Surely we can expect to see some transformations into a Super Saiyan in the crossover as well, as Dragon Ball without them just wouldn’t be Dragon Ball anymore.

The crossover lands in 2023

The big news comes from an official source, and there’s no exact release date mentioned. We do know, however, that the crossover is coming next year.

Since the poster of the latest Dragon Ball movie appears on the announcement, we can assume that Gohan and Piccolo will be among the Dragon Ball characters who will make the jump in the upcoming collaboration.

Gohan is the son of Goku, while Piccolo is the one who created the dragon balls. It would be nice to see both Piccolo and Gohan in PUBG Mobile as they collaborate with one another to take down the enemies. They’re also very good friends.

Dragon Ball remains highly popular in 2022. Except for the afore mentioned movie and the upcoming collaboration with PUBG, the franchise is also being kept alive due to the Dragon Ball Super Manga that’s currently running, the Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime, and of course: the multitude of video games.

PUBG Mobile has about 30 million players who are active every day.