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eBay: The shopping marketplace APK Brings New Features

Source: eBay

The eBay app for Android phones is once again under the spotlight, thanks to the new APK! The update is already available for download via APKMirror, and you should certainly grab it ASAP!

eBay: The shopping marketplace APK brings some nice improvements, and basically all you need in order to benefit from what the update has to offer is a device running on at least Android 8.

What’s new in the APK

There are some nice new features coming along with the APK, and you will surely keep them in mind:

  • Find out easily how much time there is left regarding auction items.
  • You can now find the sign-out option in the Settings area
  • A seamless sign-in experience.
  • Check product reviews from customers in an easier way.

There are two download options: a simple APK file and a bundle of 13 splits.

eBay is perhaps the world’s biggest marketplace, as the platform has roughly 159 million active users. On eBay, you can buy pretty much anything from various parts of the world.

You can use the Android app for an even smoother experience than while running the desktop version. There are plenty of advantages, and one of them is that you’ll see the prices displayed directly in your country’s currency.

There are also lots of payment options when using the eBay mobile app. You can choose to buy your desired products using PayPal, PayPal Credit, Google Pay, a credit card, or a debit card if you want a quick and easy checkout.

Do you also want to track your online shopping orders in real-time? If your answer is “yes,” we don’t blame you! A lot of people are doing it as well because it’s a lot easier via the eBay app! You have the chance to follow suit!