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Eldest Souls: Watch the Official Launch Trailer for the ‘Depths of the Forgotten’ Expansion

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If you also like playing retro and pixelated games such as those that first appeared decades ago, it doesn’t mean that you’re an obsolete gamer! It just means that you’re nostalgic and respectful enough for those long gone but historical moments. Without a game like Super Mario or the classic Doom, gaming would most probably be totally different nowadays.

‘Eldest Souls’ is another proof that classic games aren’t dead. It’s also the name of the game that doesn’t have graphics as one of its strongholds. But at the same time, the title brings some cute and interesting gameplay.

‘Eldest Souls – Depths of the Forgotten’ is out for PC and consoles

There’s a new expansion for the game, and it’s called ‘Depths of the Forgotten.’ It’s already available for those who prefer their gaming on PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch consoles, as well as on PCs.

The official launch trailer of ‘Eldest Souls – Depths of the Forgotten’ just went out a few days ago, and you are free to watch it below:

IGN’s description of the expansion is relevant enough:

A free expansion for Eldest Souls called Depths of the Forgotten is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Check out the trailer to see what to expect with the Depths of the Forgotten expansion, which brings a new region, three new bosses, a selection of special weapons, and a new obliterating ability to the action-RPG.

Perhaps the best news about the new expansion is that it’s free. No charge is needed in order to benefit from it.

If you’ve played Eldest Souls already, feel free to tell us what’s your view on the game’s new expansion! It could be beneficial in trying to determine how many fans like the update.