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Top 10 ‘Must-Have’ Apps That You Need Installed on Your Phone

Credit: Pixabay.com

The official marketplaces for Android and iPhones are very generous with the amount of software. There are millions of apps to choose from, so figuring out which ones to install can become very difficult.

Ultimately, it depends on each person’s taste when it comes to what apps to install. But today, we’re here to present to you our top 10 of those apps that we think each of us should have installed on our phones. The order is purely random:

Google Maps/Waze

Both Google Maps and Waze are owned by Google. Let’s face it: trying to imagine our world nowadays without a navigation app is impossible. We can use them in the car as we want to go to a certain restaurant or pub, when we visit a city for the first time, and in many other situations. We can always rely on such an app as Google Maps or Waze to find the place where we need to be and find out the latest info about what’s going on out there in the world.


VLC is known as a great app for playing music and videos. It’s great as a PC version, and it doesn’t disappoint on phones as well. A life without music is pretty much worthless, so here you have our selection for the best music/video player.


Youtube displays videos about pretty much anything you can imagine and not imagine. It’s simply a gold mine of the internet. You can find from TV shows, documentaries, memorable movie scenes, trailers, stand-up acts, and all the way to even funny gags filmed by 8-year-olds.


Pretty much anyone has something to sell on eBay, the place where you can buy pretty much anything from all over the world. Therefore, why wouldn’t you possibly use the famous multinational company’s mobile app? It works smoothly, and it will display the prices of products directly in your country’s currency. The developers must have known that most of us aren’t fans of math.


WhatsApp is the most popular and one of the best apps you can use for video calling, texting, and sharing content with your friends, family, co-workers, or even enemies if you want.

Google Lens

You know that feeling when you find an object, and you have no idea what it does? Of course you do; we all know that feeling! That’s also the moment when you can use the Google Lens app to scan the object with your phone’s camera. In this way, you’ll find out what’s the drill with the object in no time!

Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Edge is all about browsing, and we’re talking about a great app! This software will simply put the vast world of the internet directly at your feet. It’s even loaded with exciting functions to make your online navigation a lot better!

Microsoft Outlook

Having a different email app for each email account you have can be a bit too much. That’s where the Microsoft Outlook app comes in handy, as it can gather all your email accounts in one place.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office adds together all the main apps of the company’s Office suite. Whether you like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or others, you can find them all in just one app when you use Microsoft Office.

Bitdefender Security

You may have the best smartphone in town that shoots ultra-sharp videos and makes you pancakes, but you still need a powerful antivirus installed on it! Navigating online without such an app nowadays is cybersuicide.

Of course, we could easily expand the list with other apps as well. Everybody has dozens of apps installed on the phone nowadays, and as we said previously, each has its own tastes when it comes to mobile software.