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Facebook 384. APK is Up for Grabs

Source: Pixabay

Meta is once again updating its Facebook app for mobile phones, and there’s no wonder why. There are about 3 billion users out there to satisfy, and now version 384. is up for grabs.

You can grab the new update in the form of an APK, and there’s no change log available to tell us what’s new. However, we can expect some fixes and improvements from the new update.

11 download variants are available

There are 11 download variants available for the new Facebook update, and there’s even an APK bundle among them. While some of the variants are compatible only with Android 10 and later versions of Google’s operating system, others even work with Android 6.

There are so many exciting things that you can do while using the Facebook app! You can build and promote a business, for instance. If you’re good when it comes to cooking, for instance, surely it’s a great idea to make others find out about you and your dishes through your Facebook profile. That can help you in becoming famous, and who knows, maybe you’ll even get a better job from someone who sees your talent through Facebook.

You can also use Facebook to find out about pretty much all the interesting events happening in your own city or nearby. In this way, you may never miss a concert by your favorite band, for instance.

You can also use the app to see what your friends are up to and even join the action if you find their activities interesting.

The Facebook app for Android has been downloaded over 5 billion times from the Google Play Store.