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Apple Music: the 4.0.0-beta APK is Available for Download

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Those using Apple Music have a new reason to keep relying on the app for listening to their favorite songs and artists. The new 4.0.0-beta update is out now in the form of APK, and it brings along ‘app and performance improvements.’

The new Apple Music version comes in four download variants. You can grab it in either a simple APK file or an APK bundle. There are two bundle APK variants of 7 splits each. Regardless of which download option you choose, your device needs to run on at least Android 5 to be compatible. All download options, whether we’re talking about simple APK files or bundles, were built on a universal architecture.

Here’s a part of the overview revealed by Apple on the App Store:

“Fill your world with the songs, albums and artists that define you. Get unlimited access to millions of tracks, curated playlists and original content from the artists you know and love. Experience Lossless Audio and hear sound all around you with Spatial Audio featuring Dolby Atmos.”

You can also use Apple Music to discover people with similar musical tastes as you, so you can also consider it a social app. If you’re into heavy metal, for instance, it’s only a matter of time until you can find folks who like bands like Manowar, Iron Maiden, or Motorhead.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can use Apple Music to find and download your favorite music straight to your Apple Watch device if you have one.

With Apple Music, there are over 90 million songs to choose from, meaning that it’s pretty much impossible not to find your favorite music.

You can use Apple Music on plenty of platforms: iPhones, iPads, Android, macOS, etc.