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Facebook for Desktop Will Receive a Dark Theme


The one feature that you will find in all the latest major updates for popular apps is the famous dark theme. All the apps that you love, including Facebook and Twitter, have received the option to enable the dark theme but not just that. This feature has also been introduced in Google’s latest Android 10 Q and Apple’s iOS 13. The reason why developers have declared this feature as an “industry standard” is because it makes the UIs (user interfaces) of apps look sleeker while also protecting the eyes of the user.

Even though the mobile version of Facebook already has access to the famous dark theme, the same cannot be said about the desktop version of the app. Well, a couple of leaked screenshots are showing us that things are about to change and the desktop version of Facebook will also receive access to the dark theme.

Facebook’s New Dark Theme

Mantas Rukuiža is a tech entrepreneur who was invited to test the new dark mode for Facebook and he posted a picture of it on Twitter. You can check out the picture by clicking here. Thanks to the addition of the dark theme, the UI of Facebook for desktop looks much better than usual and more importantly, it will make it easier on the eyes of users when they are using the social media app late at night.

Test Version

On the downside of things, we do need to mention that the new feature is still in the testing phase. This means that we are not sure when Facebook’s developers are officially going to release the new feature. They are still checking for bugs and once this process is successfully completed, then a new update will be released.