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Facebook Forces Users to Pick Between Privacy or Security


Facebook used to be a place where everyone felt safe to share their information and pictures from their lives. Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore. Third-party apps and games have been collecting important data about users and creating profiles all throughout 2018 and now, Facebook is forcing users to pick between security and privacy.

Privacy or Security?

Everyone who wants to make sure that their Facebook account is safe and no one is able to break into it has to enable the 2FA (two-factor authentication) system. The problem here is that enabling the 2FA system requires users to input their personal phone number and Facebook has just made it possible for users to search for anyone they want just by typing in their phone number in the search bar.

This basically means that Facebook users are required to pick between privacy or security. If the users want their phone number and account to be private, then they have to give up on the 2FA system which keeps their accounts safe.

Facebook Needs to Make Some Changes

The annoying thing about this problem is that Facebook can fix it with a simple update. The social media platform currently has a setting called ”Who can look you up using the phone number you provided?” and the three options are: “Everyone, Friends of friends, Friends”. The only thing that Facebook needs to do is to give users the option to opt out of this.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Facebook is planning to change the way this system works anytime soon. “When asked specifically if Facebook will allow users to opt-out of the setting, Facebook said it won’t comment on future plans. And, asked why it was set to “everyone” by default, Facebook said the feature makes it easier to find people you know but aren’t yet friends with,” according to TechCrunch.