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Facebook Lite 312. alpha APK is Available for Download

Source: Pixabay

Facebook Lite is not dead; it’s improving! The app has now received the 312. alpha APK, and you should definitely download it ASAP to see what’s new!

There’s no word on the change log yet, which means that it should all be a pleasant surprise! The Facebook social network is currently enjoying almost 3 billion active users, and it doesn’t seem to lose any of them anytime soon! The Facebook Lite app might not provide the performance of the standard app in all areas, but it can still work faster. And who can possibly NOT want more speed nowadays?

Facebook Lite 312. alpha APK is available via APKMirror

Heading over to APKMirror is enough to see the new Facebook Lite 312. alpha APK, as it’s exposed in the roster of APKs for July 6.

On the famous website that hosts free and safe Android APK’s, you’ll find not one but two download options for the new Facebook Lite APK. The first one is a simple APK file that even works for phones running Android 4 and anything above. That’s an Android version that’s almost as old as Windows 7 for PC, as it was released in 2011.

As for the other download option of the update, we’re talking about a bundle of 20 splits that requires at least Android 8. That also means that you have plenty of options, as who can possibly use an Android version that’s older than 8? No offense, dear readers!

Even nowadays, there are people who use phones that find it a bit difficult to run the standard version of the Facebook app. That’s where the Facebook Lite app comes in handy, as it allows the user to save some extra space on the device and use the social network in a 2G environment.

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