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Glovo: Food Delivery and More 5.172.0 APK Brings a Mode Modern Design

Source: Pixabay

Glovo is one of the most popular delivery apps out there, and it has now become even better! The new 5.172.0 APK can now be used by all those roughly 30 million users of the Glovo app!

You can get your hands on the 5.172.0 APK for the Glovo app via APKMirror! All you need is a phone running on a minimum of Android 6. It seems impossible nowadays to live in a city that has Glovo services without opting for them yourself! The pleasure of getting the desired food right at your door is priceless!

What 5.172.0 brings new

The new 5.172.0 APK for the Glovo Android app brings a more modern design for the page where you get to track your order and delivery ETA. That area surely deserves some nice visual overhauls, although the old ones aren’t bad as well!

APKMirror brings only one download option this time, but that’s all that you need! Built on a universal architecture, the APK will be downloaded to your device in no time!

Any food you order using Glovo will be delivered to your door in minutes! But not just food! You can also order alcohol, games, flowers, pharmacy, and so on. You can usually opt for any restaurant, supermarket, or shop in your city. In this way, you may even discover new local stores.

Here’s a simple description of Glovo from Financial Times:

“Residents of cities can place an order for the item they want on Glovo’s app. The nearest courier will go to the closest store that has it available, buy and deliver it to the customer.”

If you’re not a fan of using the Glovo app on your Android phone, you can also try it out for an iPhone or another iOS device. For the latter scenario, you can download the app via Apple’s App Store.