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Fallout 76 is Not Launching on Steam, According to Bethesda CEO Pete Hines


Fallout 76 is one of the biggest games of the year and the expectations are going through the roof! We previously reported that the game’s map has been leaked and that it looks massive. However, today we are coming with some bad news for PC players, Fallout 76 is not going to be available on Steam. The shocking thing about this announcement from Bethesda is that both Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 launched on Steam so that PC players can get easier access to them.

Fallout 76 is Not Launching on Steam

PC players love to download games via Steam because this way they can introduce them in their Game Libraries. Unfortunately, this is not going to be possible for Fallout 76. The reason why Bethesda doesn’t want to launch Fallout 76 on Steam is that first of all it doesn’t make sense from a business point of view.

If Bethesda did launch Fallout 76 on Steam, then this means that Bethesda needs to pay taxes to Valve and this should come as a no surprise, but Bethesda doesn’t want to that. On the bright side of things, Bethesda will launch the game on its own app where players can get access to different Bethesda titles.

Bethesda CEO Speaks Out

Pete Hines is the CEO of Bethesda and he was recently asked why Fallout 76 is not launching on Steam. The CEO had a surprising response to the question since he said that Fallout 76’s developers want to have a “direct relationship” with the players.

“Well because of the kind of game it is. Because it’s an online, always-on game as-a-service. Based on our experience on other things that we’ve done, we felt like having a direct relationship with our customers was super important to us. And so doing it through ‘Bethesda.net’ exclusively, allows us to have that one-on-one relationship” added Pete Hines.