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Stardew Valley is Launching on iOS (October 24th)


If you are a fan of farming games, then you already know what Stardew Valley is. This game holds the title of being the world’s most popular farming RPG and the developers have just announced that it’s coming on iOS. The news came out on the official Stardew Valley Blog where the developers announced that starting October 24th, Stardew Valley will be available for purchase on iOS.

Stardew Valley for iOS Price

The game is only a couple of weeks away from launching and Eric Barone who is the man in charge of it has said that it will cost $7.99 on the App Store. In addition, the $7.99 price tag is not bundled with in-app purchases.

Therefore, people who decide to purchase Stardew Valley on iOS will not need to spend any more money on the game in order to get the full content.

Changed UI

Eric Barone also said that Stardew Valley for iOS will be a full version of the game and not a smaller version. The only thing that will set the iOS version of Stardew Valley apart from the original one is the fact that the UI (user interface) has been modified so that it works with touchscreen gameplay.

Transfer Existing Data from PC

The coolest thing about Stardew Valley for iOS is that long time fans can transfer all their data from the PC version of the game. This means that players will get to continue their journey and expand their dream farm without having to set up a new account and start from scratch.

Nonetheless, the game is going to be available on both iPhone and iPad and fans will be able to transfer their game data via iTunes. In addition, Stardew Valley will receive 1.3 single player content (Night Market), but not any multiplayer features.