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Free VPN Services That Still Work in 2019


VPNs increase your privacy and security by connecting to the Web via a server that you choose. There are a lot of benefits that you can enjoy while using a VPN in an online space where privacy and security have never been more critical.

Best advantages of using a VPN service

Security is probably the best advantage that a VPN service can offer users. This is the key element which makes the VPN a game changer because your data will be encrypted which means that hackers will not be able to access it. VPNs bring security to yourself, your business, and all of your essential data.

The online anonymity is another essential feature worth considering in relation to a VPN. You will finally be able to browse websites in total privacy because the VPN will act as a mask, and you’ll be able to conduct your online activity under full anonymity.

Another great advantage of using a VPN is that you can connect it remotely from anywhere after you’ve set it up. You will be able to securely log into your network and access all of your data. This will also enhance productivity for businesses.

VPNs also allow you to share files in your network and the members will easily be able to access them in the most secure way. This feature can also turn out pretty attractive for businesses. A secure connection is the only way to access work data by team members without any risks involved.

Bypassing Internet filters and changing your IP address and the server location are other essential advantages you will definitely want to try out.

And last but certainly not least, enhanced performance and improved speed while you’re surfing online are other essential benefits of using a VPN.

But the real issue comes when you realize that there are tons of both free and paid versions of VPNs out there and choosing the best one might prove to be quite a challenge. Finding the best free VPN will all the juicy features mentioned above in 2019 might be a tough choice, but it’s not impossible. We’re here to help, and we’re listing three of the best options that we’ve tried ourselves.

Best free VPNs in 2019

Hotspot Shield

This VPN managed to gain its massive popularity because it doesn’t have a limit to the amount of data that you upload and download. The service provides private and secure access to free and open Internet regardless of your location. It’s also worth noting, that according to official data, the patented VPN protocol of Hotspot Shield has been already integrated by 70% of the largest security companies in the world.


Hide.me VPN is a service with a data cap of 2GB on a monthly basis, and it only allows the use of three server locations out of thirty for the free version. Nonetheless, it’s worth giving it a try.

Hide.me VPN provides users with privacy protection, Wi-Fi security, and encryption for a really private web browser experience, regardless of your location.


Tunnelbear is also a popular VPN service, and they offer a data cap of 500MB per month. It’s important to note that this data cap can be raised by sending out some advertising tweets about the product on your network. In order to be able to use the full service, you will have to subscribe. With the help of this service, you will be able to unblock websites around the world with apps for Mac, PC, iOS, Android & Chrome.

No matter which one of the three VPNs mentioned above you choose, you will definitely have a taste of the best online experience in terms of privacy, security, and speed.