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Galaxy Note 9 Software Update Improves Camera Picture Quality


Galaxy Note 9 holds the title of being Samsung’s flagship smartphone and this means that it’s also categorized as the best Android smartphone available on the market. Therefore, the expectations bar is set really high for Galaxy Note 9 and Samsung needs to do all its in power to improve the device’s performances.

With that said, the latest update for Galaxy Note 9 comes with a bunch of improvements that enhance the device’s overall security and help it take better photos at the same time.

New Galaxy Note 9 Update

The new update is being rolled out OTA (over the air) today and Galaxy Note 9 owners need to keep their eyes peeled at the notifications panel in order to get it. If the update has yet to arrive on your Galaxy Note 9, then you can always manually trigger it by accessing the “Updates” panel that is located in the “Settings” options.

Improved Security

The first thing that we need to mention about the new Galaxy Note 9 update is that it introduces the monthly security patch for September. This means that Galaxy Note 9’s security against hackers, bugs, and malware will be stronger than ever. However, this isn’t the best thing about this latest update.

Improved Camera Picture Quality

The reason why all Galaxy Note 9 owners should hurry up and download the new update is that it improves the camera picture quality. The patch notes for the update say that the brightness of faces in backlit condition has been improved and that the Day/Night HDR control accuracy works better. Not just that, but the low brightness and SNR (signal noise reduction) features have also been enhanced.

Always Improving

What we can take from this latest Galaxy Note 9 update is the fact that Samsung is always looking for new ways to improve its devices. In addition, the update weighs in at 302.03 MB and we advise everyone to download it over Wi-Fi instead of mobile data.