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Genshin Impact: A New Geo Girl Is On Her Way

Credit: miHoYo

More details regarding one of the potential new Geo characters to join the lineup in the coming months have emerged according to the latest leaks from Genshin Impact. Each new update often focuses on expanding the game’s list of playable characters and/or the game’s available maps.

Two new Dendro users, Alhaitham and Yaoyao, who were both a part of the rare banner cycle, have been added in the most recent version (3.4) of Genshin Impact. Dehya and Mika, two new playable characters in the game, have been confirmed to come in version 3.5 via the game’s official social media channels.

In spite of the fact that Dehya’s debut is still a few weeks away, fresh leaks have offered further details about a new Geo character who should emerge in the next few patches. SpendYourPrimos, one of the most reliable community leakers, has announced that a new Geo character from Inazuma will be added to Genshin Impact in version 3.7, which according to the game’s typical update timetable should land around April 20. Information about this character is limited to the fact that she shares a little female model with Ayaka and Yanfei. There is a lot of excitement among the audience regarding the upcoming introduction of a new Geo-based character in HoYoverse.

When the Genshin Impact patch 2.4 was released, Yunjin was the final Geo player to join. Fans are anticipating that the new character will be five-star rare, and that her kit will be reworked to fit the current meta where Geo plays a less role. For the time being, Zhongli is likely the only playable Geo user due to his stacked kit that enables him to create a powerful shield and do plenty of burst damage with his Planet Befall. A fan-art piece by trish doodles, which seems to depict the new character, has been retweeted by the same leaker.