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Genshin Impact Voice Actor Fired Following Accusations of Sexual Misconduct

Credit: miHoYo

Elliot Gindi, the voice actor behind the character Tighnari in Genshin Impact, has been fired by HoYoverse after accusations of sexually inappropriate relationships with fans. The studio announced on social media that Gindi breached his contract and would be replaced by a new actor.

The allegations against Gindi surfaced after one of his Twitch moderators released a document detailing his alleged interactions with fans. Several Genshin players claimed that Gindi made sexual requests and used his celebrity status to pressure them into relationships. Gindi confirmed having relationships with three fans but denied knowingly entering relationships with underage fans.

The Genshin community responded to the allegations with the #ElliotGindi hashtag, with multiple voice actors speaking out against their former colleague. The controversy put pressure on HoYoverse to make a formal announcement, despite the company’s typical reluctance to publicly comment on community issues.

HoYoverse’s decision to terminate Gindi’s contract and re-cast Tighnari reflects the company’s commitment to upholding professional and ethical standards in its games and content. The replacement of Gindi’s lines will gradually take place, with more official announcements to follow.

The Genshin Impact controversy highlights the importance of accountability and responsibility in the entertainment industry. Fans have a right to feel safe and respected, and companies have a responsibility to uphold ethical standards in their content and partnerships. While it is a difficult and uncomfortable conversation, the entertainment industry must continue to address issues of misconduct and work towards creating a safer and more inclusive community for everyone.

In conclusion, the Elliot Gindi scandal serves as a reminder that the entertainment industry must prioritize accountability and responsibility. HoYoverse’s decision to terminate Gindi’s contract sends a strong message that misconduct will not be tolerated, and that companies must take action to protect their fans and community.