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Google Announces New Development Tool for the New Fucshia Operating System


Many Android fans might not know this, but Google is eventually planning to replace Android and Chrome with a new operating system called Fucshia. The goal of the new operating system is to provide users with a platform that doesn’t have any Android fragmentation problems and that can be run on multiple devices. Therefore, Fuchsia will become a “universal” Android operating system.

The great thing about Fucshia is that Google says it will run on all Android apps and therefore, Android fans will never notice the change. On the other hand, the operating system is still far away from its full release and Google is currently working on the tools that are going to help build Fuchsia. One of those tools is called Flutter and Google has just released the first version of it.


Right from the start, we need to mention Flutter is not the new operating system that all Android fans are waiting for. Flutter is a coding platform that is going to make it easier for developers to create Android and iOS apps. The great thing about Flutter is that the apps created in this program will run on both Android and iOS, thus software companies will not need to hire two teams to develop their apps or games for iOS and Android.

“We are excited by Flutter’s unique take on high-performing cross-platform development. Our engineers have appreciated the rapid development promise, and hot reload capabilities, and over the past year we have seen tremendous progress in the framework and especially the native integration story,” said Google.


Even though Fuchisa might be years away from launch, it’s great to see that Google is already developing the tools needed to create the new operating system. Let’s hope that Fucshia will launch sooner than expected because the new operating system will revolutionize Android smartphones.