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Google Docs Will Now Offer Writing Suggestions

Credit: Google Docs

For the most part, authors use well-known word processors like Microsoft Word and Google Docs. However, when it comes to polishing their final product and maybe catching a few stray commas, they’d rather use third-party software like Grammarly and ProWritingAid instead. It’s because word processors have been focusing on that for quite some time. The addition of Smart Compose, spelling autocorrection, and grammatical fixes to Docs has made it easier to work with. As a result, the program is now providing style and writing ideas to help you produce more effective texts.

Everything you need to know about the new functionality is laid out in full on the Workspace blog. Activating this feature will result in jagged purple lines highlighting certain words or phrases in Google Docs as you write. They occur when the system identifies chances for active voice, more concise messages, broader use of language or flags that might be seen as improper. Google’s hope is that this will encourage people to utilize a wider variety of words in their writing and to select the most appropriate one in each case.

Distinct colored squiggly lines have marked erroneous content in Google Docs for some time now. Misspellings are in red, whereas grammatical inaccuracies are in blue. For authors, Purple is a fantastic new feature that will help them avoid having to spend money on third-party software. When you click on it, a dialogue window will pop up with the proposed modification and the option to ignore it, provide feedback, or open settings.

You may not see the new style ideas feature until the conclusion of April. If you wish to turn it off, you can do so by going to Tools > Stylistic recommendations and unchecking the boxes for the alternatives you don’t want to utilize. Based on your Workspace plan, some or all of the capabilities may not be accessible to you. Please refer to the announcement update for more information.