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Will We Receive Apple’s Foldable Smartphone Soon?


In a key update, Apple’s first foldable product might not be launched until 2025. Previously, the tech giant was expected to launch a foldable iPhone by 2024, however, it does not seem likely now. According to multiple reports, the Cupertino-based tech giant would not foray into the foldable market for another couple of years.

It is pertinent to note that famed Apple tipster Ming-Chi Kuo has recently revised his prediction about a foldable iPhone. Previously, Kuo claimed that a foldable iPhone could launch by 2024. However, Kuo now believes that Apple would not launch a foldable device before 2025. The tipster also noted that the foldable device could be a “hybrid of iPad & iPhone” which should be very exciting for Apple fans.

Furthermore, Kuo mentioned in a separate tweet that Apple is developing foldable devices in priority order of medium, large and small. Apple is believed to be testing foldable OLED screens that are about 9-inch in size. The resolution of these screens is believed to be between an iPhone and an iPad. However, this is not the final product and the company would test other screen sizes before finalizing on a decision.

Most recently, a report from MacRumors citing information from Korean publication The Elec, states that Apple is collaborating with LG to develop the display for its foldable devices and the glass that covers such displays. The report further mentioned that LG is also working on a 17-inch foldable display for HP and will supply them this year. Although deferred, Apple is actively working on the possibility to release a foldable iPhone in near future.

The new information corroborates a previous report by Display Supply Chain Consultants. The report suggests that enthusiasts and fans around the world should not expect the company to foray into foldable before 2025. Previously, Apple was rumoured to release a foldable iPhone by 2024 at the latest. According to MacRumors, this update comes after a discussion with various supply chain sources, which suggests that Apple is not jumping into the foldable market anytime soon.

Ross Young, the CEO and co-founder of DSCC, stated in a report that despite delaying its plans to launch a foldable iPhone, Apple is actively exploring the category of foldable laptops, or in this case, foldable MacBooks. The report further added that Apple is discussing the possibility of a 20-inch foldable MacBook with its suppliers.