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Google is Taking Over the Gaming Industry with “Project Yeti”


Google is one of the world’s biggest tech/software companies and therefore, no one should be surprised to find out that the Android parent wants to take a “piece” out of the gaming industry. Google is scheduled to host a big keynote event tomorrow where it will present its plans for entering the video game world. Luckily, we don’t have to wait anymore in order to find out what are Google’s plans because they have just been leaked.

Introducing Project Yeti

Google is not looking to launch a traditional gaming console such as Xbox One or PlayStation 4 and instead, Google will launch Project Yeti. This is a streaming platform that is going to bring high-quality gaming to gamers on all platforms. Yes, you read that right, all platforms! Project Yeti is going to bring game streaming to PCs, consoles and even smartphones. This means that gamers will be able to play their favorite titles directly on their smartphones.

New Controller

The Android parent is also launching a new controller that is going to have its own streaming capabilities. Even though this has yet to be confirmed, industry experts believe that the controller can be used by people in order to stream high-quality games directly on their TV set without having to install any other gaming hardware.

Innovative Features

One of the most interesting and exciting features that Project Yeti will offer is designed for gamers who enjoy watching Twitch Streamers. This is how Google describes the new feature:

“You’re watching your favorite Twitch streamer play a game, and you think it looks cool, so you buy it, and then, if the developers of the game have toggled this feature, you can download a save file that starts you off right where your streamer was playing. Or maybe it’s a multiplayer game, and you can buy the game and immediately jump into a match with the streamer, if the developers allow it and the streamer is down.”