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Google Job Listing Hints at Upcoming “Pixel Watch”


The internet has been buzzing with rumors about Google secretly working on a pure Android smartwatch ever since the Android Wear operating system was announced. However, Google denied all rumors and told its fans that they shouldn’t hold their breath for an in-house Android smartphone because it will not arrive. Google wasn’t lying because we are in 2019 and the Android parent hasn’t announced any smartwatches, but this might change during the upcoming months.

New Google Job Listing

Even though Google made it loud and clear that it doesn’t want to create a smartwatch of its own, this might have changed when the Android parent noticed how many profits Apple made in 2018 with its Watch Series 4. Not only that, but Google has listed a new job opening today for the position of Vice President of Hardware Engineering for Wearables.

“As the VP of Hardware Engineering for Wearables, you’ll work collaboratively with the Senior Leadership team for Google Hardware and will be responsible for the design, development, and shipment of all Google’s Wearable products. You will lead and enable the effectiveness of a large engineering organization primarily based in Mountain View to develop multiple next-generation wearable products simultaneously,” said the job listing.

Next-Generation Wearable Products

The line that stands out the most in the job listing from Google is “next-generation wearable products”. We think it’s safe to say that this makes it pretty clear that Google is at least interested in creating a new smartwatch that could cater to tech fans who are looking to purchase a pure Android smartwatch that will sync perfectly with Google’s Pixel smartphones.

We should note that there is a second job listing that is tagged for” Wearables Design Manager”. This makes it pretty obvious that Google is expanding its wearables team and that we should get ready to see a new smartwatch during the upcoming months.