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Xender – Android and iOS File Sharing Has Never Been Easier


One of the most important things that people can do with their smartphones is to share files. While most people might use this feature in order to share funny pictures and videos with their friends, other people need it for their work to share high priority documents, presentations and other types of files. Therefore, being able to share files with any smartphone at high speeds is an important feature that all smartphones should offer.

On the downside of things, Google and Apple have made it difficult for Android and iOS fans to share files with each other. Both operating systems restrict their users from interacting with each other and here is where Xender comes in and saves the day.

Introducing: Xender

Xender is a powerful app that works on both Android and iOS. This means that Xender has the ability to bridge the gap between the two operating systems and make it possible for both Android and iOS users to share files with each other. However, there are lots of other features that Xender offers and today we are going to cover the most important ones.

File Security

The developers of Xender know that people need to share important data such as fully installed apps, work documents and even phone contacts so they made sure to equip Xender with the best security system available. The security system guarantees that third-parties with malicious intentions will not be able to interfere with the data which is being shared through Xender.

Share All Types of Files Without Losing Quality

Hands down, the best feature that Xender has to offer is the ability to share all types of files without losing any quality in the process. Xender users can share anything they want starting with high resolution pictures and ending with 4K videos without ever having to worry about the file’s quality deteriorating in the process.